Makeup Mentor Podcast

Business Side about being a Freelance Makeup Artist.

"Whether you are Full time, Part time, or just want to know more about this Beauty Industry in general, this Podcast is for you."

Makeup Mentor Podcast

Podcast about the business side of being a freelancer.

Freelance Makeup Artist or just interested in learning more about the beauty industry? This podcast is you for. Tips and tricks about the business side of being a freelance Makeup Artist. Teaching you all things I've learned the hard way, things I am still learning and who I am learning it from.

Latest Episodes

Building a Makeup School with CEO of Glam Sophisticated 

Let's talk about makeup and BUSINESS! We have the amazing guest, CEO founder of Glam Sophisticated!

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How to do a One on One Lesson
- with Gaby Roby

Gaby Roby, Office and Operations manager at the Makeup School by Sarah Rillon not only tells her story of how she made the BIG SCARY LEAP in here career to become a makeup artist but also gives a STEP BY STEP process for anyone that is wanting to know HOW TO DO a ONE ON ONE LESSON with your client! This is a time where we can be TEACHING and Gaby gives us a clarity on the things that we can be doing to help our clients learn the basics to apply their makeup

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Product Launch - with Sammantha Webb

“If you are listening to this episode it is for a reason.” Today our guest SAMANTHA WEBB, shares her CHILLING story on how a life threatening accident ended up being a blessing in disguise and helped her get clear on the place she wanted to take as a Makeup Artist. Hear how She has successfully launched TWO products as a freelancer, how she built up her business so fast in Virginia, and WHAT NEW product she just launched.

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