Makeup Mentor Mastermind

6 weeks of pure Manifestation, with a NETWORK that is operating at the same frequency as you. 

Meet the Host

It's me, Anita! 
Makeup Mentor Podcast Host

Money Mindset Coach and a Manifesting Expert.

I Help experts in the beauty industry break through  their Money Blocks so they can maximize their profit, unlike regular business strategies because Manifesting is 90% of the Work. 

Join the High Frequency Network 

That are manifesting their ideal Business over the next 6 weeks...

Let me guess...

You are probably weren't 100% supported when you told those are around you that you wanted to pursue a career in the beauty industry, maybe even told to get a real job...

You are pulling away from everything thing that you THOUGHT you'd be doing to take a leap of faith to follow something that you love to do. 

Or maybe you have realized during this world wide pandemic that you are BURNT out from the hustle and grind, still associate to the limiting belief that "we can not make money consistently" in this industry.

Or maybe you just feel ALONE on this road and are craving a group of people to cheer on you and help you get to the next level. 

your network, is your net-worth

This is why I created...

The Makeup Mentor Mastermind. This was inspired by all of the AMAZING creatives and heart centered leaders in the beauty industry.

We're not only giving you all of the strategy and structure you need to know about business but we are also diving deep into mindset, manifesting and marketing.

But the MOST valuable thing you are going to get from this is the LEVERAGE from each and everyone of you in this Mastermind. 

Maybe you're not an expert in Makeup, Marketing, Business, or Instagram.

but WHO do you know that is? 

What does Manifesting have to do with Business?

The perfect mix of Masculine and Feminine Energy

The answer is EVERYTHING.

We are going to be walking you STEP by STEP how to use the Laws of the Universe to your advantage in your BUSINESS. 

Deliberately manifesting has EVERYTHING to do with your business. Aware of it or not, the Law of Attraction is ALWAYS working.

Whether you are manifesting things you DO want, or the things that you DO NOT want. 

Yes, we want to make a living doing something that we truly love. We have a DREAM of doing celebrity makeup, having our own shops, hosting our dream events, launching a million dollar Makeup Brands.


I am ALL about the hustle and grind, trust me. I stay in that Masculine Energy (what's the next move & working so long that I legit forget to eat.)

But my business did NOT take off until I truly understood why it was so important to get clear on my goals and focus on the things I do want. Oppose to focusing on all the things I do NOT want. 

Money Mindset Coach

How to keep money Manifesting on Autopilot,

"If you ask the Universe for more money, it may show up as a Dollar on the Ground, so get SPECIFIC"

Listen to the recent podcast episode on how to keep money manifesting on AUTO-pilot. 

Listen Now

Manifesting MONEY Testimonials

Manifesting Money Techniques 

 "I definitely just manifested my goal! Wanted to manifest an extra $500 and I just got booked for a job and guess what the payment is"

Kelsea Miller

More than anything I am grateful for the shift in my mindset from everything you taught me I can already see if the difference it is making. First thing this morning I had a client ask if we could change her hair apt. to both hair and makeup. I was instantly so appreciative that she asked and happy I'd be making a little more money than expected!"



Did you know the beauty industry is a $580 BILLION, not million, Billion dollar industry? and expected to be at 800 in the next 3 years. 

We help Professionals in the beauty industry work, smarter, not harder.

We set up your business for success with creating PASSIVE INCOME as an expert in the Beauty Industry. 

Our motto is "If you already know you're going to refer it, partner with it!", we'll be teaching you how to partner with products that you already use and love!

how would you like to run your business like...

Money ain't an issue 

-Move forward with clarity and confidence on charging your rates and worth.
-Have a set structure system for what to charge on anything. (Yep anything, rates for doing makeup, makeup lessons, hosting workshops, master classes, product launches, coaching,)
-Working for free? We're about it, but only when it is an equal energy exchange. Know exactly what you should be collaborating with or not. 
- We don't work for money honey, we make it work for us and were showing you how.


Take a look at what is in the 6 week program


-Law of Attraction
-Reprogramming Subconscious Mind
-Limiting Beliefs
-Setting new standards
-Manifesting Techniques

Money Mindset

-Building a relationship with money
-Money Blocks
-Structure for finances
-Money Date
-Creating Money on Demand

Basics to Business

-Formula FOR RATES for any services 
-Registering your business,(LLC, EIN number etc.)
-Websites and domain names
-Profit Margins / Budgeting 

Booking and Scheduling

-Booking Systems
-Planning your schedule and availability 
-Planning Content
-Time Hacking 

Billion Dollar Business Structure

-Creating passive income as a MUA
-Affiliate Marketing
-Beauty Programs
-Partnering with Launches


-Manifesting Social Media following
  -Instagram, FB, Tiktok, Youtube
-Building up an Email List
-Best ways to market and promote launches, workshops, masterclasses, courses and live events. 

This is NOT for you if

-You just want to learn how to make a quick buck doing Makeup 

-You just want to know basics of business and how to get clients

-If you don't "have the time" to invest in your mindset 

Doors CLOSE, Feb 27th. 

Doors are only be open for 6 days! 

0 Days
9 Hours
59 Minutes
59 Seconds

Kicking things off Monday March 1st!

Next step is to make sure this is the right program for you! 

if we offered this at full price

If we offered this full price, it would be valued at $13,500.....

but it’s yours for a fraction of the amount. Here’s What’s Included When You Join

- 6 weeks of coaching, guidance, support, and accountability that will drastically transform your business.
-6  weekly video MODULES walking you through the structure 
-One-on-One Coaching Call
-You will be going to the LIVE event for FREE here in San Diego, CA. ($333 value)

You will get a  ONE-ON-ONE Coaching Call (dive deeper into your goals and money blocks)

Monday, March 1st- MODULE 1 VIDEO on Manifesting with workbook
Wednesday, March 3rd, Meet Greet & Goal Setting

Monday, March 8th - MODULE 2 VIDEO Manifesting MONEY on autopilot  with workbook
Wednesday, March 10th, Mins Money Breakthroughs GUEST SPEAKER

Monday, March 15th- MODULE 3 VIDEO Manifesting MONEY on autopilot with workbook
Wednesday, NO CALL, Q and A.

Monday, March 22nd- MODULE 4/ Billion Dollar Business Structure with workbook
Wednesday, March 25th, Guest Speaker

Monday, March 29th- MODULE 4 BOOKING AND SCHEDULING / 4th course will be released with a workbook
Wednesday, March 31st, Marketing EXPERT Guest Speaker  

Monday, April 5th - MODULE 5 / Marketing, Social Media, Email, released with workbook
Wednesday, April 7th, Overview call! 

(Times of the calls will be announced the day the doors are open to the mastermind, although we HIGHLY recommend you be on the call it is not required. The playback video slides to the course AND workbook will be emailed the same day.) 

- Access to the MAKEUP MENTOR MASTERMIND what's app group, where we will share wins, breakthroughs, collaborations, for LIFE!

We have a BONUS for those who join in the first 3 days....

So take intuitive action! 

0 Days
9 Hours
59 Minutes
59 Seconds


Hear from those who were in the last round!

The biggest thing I've learned from this is realizing my true worth, not only as an artist but as a person. 

I've gone so long  struggling, feeling like I didn't  know what I wanted to do. I know I still have a long way to go as an artist and I want to continue learning, but thanks to this mentorship I know it is something I can make happen. I know there's not really anything to be scared of anymore. I know if I just believe in myself I know it will happen.

My industry has changed a lot in the past few years, It was very cut throat.

I was very raised to be independent, to "move in silence and don't let anyone know what you're up to" because I had to be. 

My biggest aha moment throughout this program is having SUPPORT.
It's crazy to think of all the years that have passed by while I wasn't truly inspired....

...Not having people to celebrate wins with, or to talk about the fears with. 

Having that support system as an independent contractor, I don't think that we would realize the things were lacking in or what our full potential, it really goes hand in hand.  

Let me introduce you to one of our GUEST speakers!


We are SO Excited you get to be in Kathleen's energy and ask all questions about Manifestation!!!

She will be our first Speaker March 3, 2021.

$3,000 to $300,000 a month in 1 year

I am so excited for you guys to meet her!!!!!!!

We reward those who take INTUITIVE ACTION!

We LOVE rewarding those feel the fear and do it anyway! We reward you for this because that is a SKILL that we are going to be repeating OVER and OVER again through out out lives. 

We have a gift for those who take that action and join in the first  3 days! 

How much is it?

Let's talk about money! Pick which one you are most ALIGNED with.

Invest in Full SAVE $221

Invest in full and you will save $221!

We are all about taking intuitive action and rewarding you for it! 

We threw in an extra gift for those who invest in FULL

Which is....

Getting Interviewed on the podcast! We want to share your story on the Makeup Mentor Podcast and promote ANYTHING that you are passionate about telling everyone right now. 

(we promote any launches, services, courses, products to our listeners and email list)

We can't wait to share this manifestation story of yours!

Invest in full $1,111

We have a Payment Plan!

Four payments of $333!

Guys!!! We are SO excited that you are investing into yourself! 

"Start making your decisions like money ain't an issue, and pretty soon, it won't be" - my fav manifesting money motto

This payment plan is
four payments of $333, 

Each payment will be billed 30 days apart

1st payment Nov $333
2nd payment Dec $333
3rd payment Jan $333
4th payment Feb $333
= $1332

We wanted to create this plan for those who are more in alignment with monthly payments!


Payment Plan $333

Earn Money Back after you join?!

We make everyone who joins the program, loves the work, and affiliate for those who they refer moving forward! 

Earn $111

MAKE SOME MONEY BACK by becoming an AFFILIATE for the next round of the Makeup Mentor Mastermind!!!! $$$$$$

If your referral joins and pays in full, you will earn a flat rate of $111.

Earn $33.33 for 4 months

If you referral chooses the payment plan you will receive $33.33 for 4 months! Passive income baby!

Did we mention you're going to live event for free?

Virtual Makeup Mentor Mastermind

March 1st - April 5th

6 Week program, once you are in the program you are a member for LIFE. You get to come to the LIVE event and join in on the next round bonus calls, and connect with all of the other artist in the program. Every time we add sponsors, partnerships, and updates to the program you will have FULL access to all of the new content. 

First day of LIVE EVENT

July 2021, San Diego CA

First day of the 3 day LIVE event! 
(you will have access to special pricing to this live event)

Think of this as a conference room of the most high vibe, bad-ass entrepreneurs in the beauty industry connecting and collaborating, as well as learning from experts in the ENTREPRENEUR industry. 

The ELITE day is for those who are already doing big things in the beauty industry and they just want to take it to the next level.

So if you have a Makeup School, Makeup Masterclass, Workshops, Mastermind, Online Course, Makeup Team, or MOBILE APP, this VIP ELITE DAY ticket is you. 

(you will have access to day 2 and 3 included in your ticket) 

Day two of Event! (you get in for FREE!)

July 2021, San Diego CA

Can't wait to get everyone in one room! 

We are going to have a LINE of speakers to teach those in the beauty industry of how to SUCCEED in every niche you can think of touching on topics of

"How to..."
Do Makeup for Bridal
Do Makeup for Celebrities
Do Makeup for Film
Do Makeup for Special Effects
Do Makeup for Photoshoots etc.

You name it and we're going to have a speaker for it! 

So you don't only get to get to see all the speakers, meet all the artist, but you also get FREE PRODUCT FROM OUR SPONSORS! (over $300 worth)

I can not fricking WAIT to get in this energy!

But wait there's more? (you get into day 3 for free too!)

July 2021, San Diego CA

Think of day 3 as the BIGGEST NETWORKING EVENT in all of California.

This is for Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Videographers, Photographers, Fashion Designers, Film Industry, Youtubers, Stylist, models, actors, literally EVERYONE.

(we have to max the amount of ppl who can attend but you will be able to get in for FREE)

If you feel excited! 
but you also feel nervous or that you kinda wanna throw up.

That's a sign that this is what your intuition is telling you is the next move for you...

Why Now?

We are not relaunching this program for another 5 months  

Those who are in this group will be a part of this project, which is why we are only bringing a small amount of those who are ready to up level with us.

This is the ONLY TIME  this year we will be able to invest this time into teaching others the strategy that we are using in our business.


Good, write them down.
We will see you a call!